Time to Check your Sprinkler System

Time to Check your Sprinkler System

Summertime is Here!

It’s time to check your sprinkler systems.

If you have a cat, you can use a cat food can, or if not, a tuna can will work too. The cans should be about 1 inch in height, the diameter doesn’t matter. Place the cans in each of your sprinkler zones in your yard, especially in trouble spots.  One at a time, turn on each of your sprinkler zones letting them run for the required amount of time.  The cans should fill up with water.  If they don’t, then you need to increase your sprinkler time, check for broken sprinkler heads or leaks, or you might need to adjust or add another head to the zone.

If the can overflows, then you are getting too much water in that area and you need to reduce your sprinkler times.

Signs of not enough water are dry shots in the yard.  For this problem, you can either increase your sprinkler time or add another sprinkler head.

Signs of too much water are mushrooms or dollar weeds.  Too much water can lead to disease and make weed control difficult.

The best time to water your lawn is late evening or early morning.

A healthy St. Augustine yard needs at least 1-3 inches of water per week.  This depends on shade and sunlight exposure as well.

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